RTM Forum - Question (original)

FireEyes - 18-9-2008 u 14:30

i am courious with something.

what is the big hole and very deep (with some water, like a lake) near your town ?

sailor - 18-9-2008 u 14:50

Well, it is a lake. I mean, there are two lakes, one for water supplying, and one with mines liquid waste in it. I don't know which lake did you see.

admin - 18-9-2008 u 15:21

If you refer to this (on googlemaps) as a "big hole" (on the edge of the town, by the road to Belgrade), it's the part of the open pit mine of Majdanpek copper mine (Rudnik bakra Majdanpek).

FireEyes - 18-9-2008 u 18:25

Yes, That's it! It's huge! and some huge trucks also!

So, that's it a copper mine! thanks admin :)

it's too bad that a very much part of that road to belgrade is not so good ( with rocks witch drop down from the mountains on the road ) with some exceptions beacause the landscape is very beautiful. also i like the houses with so much flowers.

FireEyes - 18-9-2008 u 18:59

[update] maybe you (can) create a section for other languages (english, romanian etc). it's just a suggestion. thanks ;) i know just very few words & expressions and... to count in serbian :) hihihi