RTM Forum - Special Thanks. (original)

Special Thanks.
FireEyes - 18-9-2008 u 14:26

First of all i want to say hello to all members of this forum and Majdanpek inhabitants.
Perhaps you woder what i'm looking for on this forum ;)
Nothing special, just want to say thank you for a police man and a man (friend of police man) from your city witch helped us sunday night when we had a double flat tyre late in night.
best regards.

sunt convins ca sunt printre voi si vorbitori de limba romana, la fel cum am fost placut surprinsi sa aflam ca si cele 2 persoane cu care am interactionat vorbeau bine limba romana.
pentru mine majdanpek va ramane mereu o amintire placuta si poate voi mai trece in viitor prin acest oras ca turist si nu doar trecere.

toate cele bune,

Belovanovic - 18-9-2008 u 17:07

Greetings to you my friend, and welcome to the forum. Hope that you will enjoy it. ;)

Fagot - 18-9-2008 u 18:17

This is very good and nice...
Welcome Fire Eyes

FireEyes - 18-9-2008 u 18:19

Thank you very much for your welcome :)